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ATTACKED by a Walmart Watermelon + EMERGENCY Walmart Grocery Haul

After being camping for a few days and eating out the fridge and pantry, I had to make an emergency large family grocery haul to Walmart for bread and milk and whatever else jumped in my cart.

Somehow my cart half-filled with produce before I even walked the aisle. The joke being my one cart per store rule that always has me at the register with an overflowing beast of a cart and carrying something. I’m surprised the cashiers don’t run away when they see this large family mama.

Large Family Grocery Haul

We interrupt this large family emergency grocery haul video to bring you the story of how I got attacked by a Walmart watermelon. This is definitely one for the “Stuff Jamerrill Can’t Make Up” file. We get back from Walmart and I’m on the floor changing sweet Benjamin’s diaper whilst the children are bringing in the groceries for Zion to organize on the table. Such is the life of a Youtube family.

Zion has his laptop out to show me a funny meme video while I’m still on the floor with the monster poop diaper. A *nameless child* carries in the watermelon, pauses over me to watch the video as well, then girlfriend drops the watermelon on my neck. ? All I could think of was who just got hurt?! Typical mama thoughts.

Luckily, I was just at the chiropractor that morning for an adjustment and check-up. I managed to survive the watermelon attack but had to lay down to ice it while the children finished unloading and setting up. My life is like a series of unfortunate events sometimes. I can now honestly say I was watermelon-ed. There’s a fun Jamerrillism. ?

All is well and back to our regularly scheduled programming, sans contacts, because I am being attacked by pollen as well. We really needed food as the kids had leftover KFC and cookies for breakfast. Bring on the fun mom status! Our poor house had no food in it, so our emergency haul was MASSIVE. I didn’t even have time to put in a Walmart pick-up order or drive to Aldi.

Since Aldi is an hour each way, Walmart wins for emergency hauls. I’m pretty sure I could have gotten all of this in Aldi for around $250. Instead of that, I went in without a list or a plan and paid a bunch more. Sometimes a mama has to do what a mama has to do to survive and get her life on track! Can I get an Amen?

What was in this large family grocery haul?

6 packs of strawberries

3 packs of grapes

2 bags of cherries

2 apples 3 lbs bags

Mandarins 3 lb bag

3 watermelons

2 potatoes 10 lb bags

Discount bread thanks to Ashley mentioning to look for it!

5 loaves wheat bread

5 pkgs hamburger buns

8 boxes taco shells

3 pkgs soft tortilla shells

2 envelopes taco seasoning

4 big cans refried beans

2 teriyaki stir fry vegetables 3 lb bags

20 lbs boneless chicken breast

2 heads iceberg lettuce

120 eggs (yes, you read that right)

2 jars grape jelly

2 jars peanut butter large

1 bottle salsa large

1 bottle barbeque sauce

2 canisters quick-cooking oatmeal

2 bags lightly salted almonds 25 ounces

2 bags pepperoni family size

4 packs string cheese, family size

2 packages lean ground beef, family size

2 containers sour cream, family size

10 containers Halo Top ice cream

5 gallons of milk

36 containers strawberry banana yogurt (I like to buy it in addition to making it in the Instant Pot or slow cooker)

All this for the too-high price of $369. All of the fruit and produce will be gone in the next week alongside the milk and yogurt. With some freezer meals in addition to this haul, it will buy me at least 10 days. This gives me time to come up with a plan for a major large family grocery haul!

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