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Hello friend, it’s me, Jamerrill. 

I’m so glad you found me here. I help mommas live their best lives for God’s Glory! I’m a Jesus loving wife to one (married 23+ years) and long-time homeschool mom to 9. I only know MEGA and LOTS. Here I share all about easy home cooking for a house full, homeschooling, and motherhood for God’s glory.


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Big Batch Cooking and Pantry Challenge | Large Family Style Week Two Update!

Week two of our large family pantry challenge was *challenging*, to say the least! The pantry challenge itself went well, but life got in our way one more than one occasion. I’m not complaining though. We pulled together and made the best of the week as you’ll see below.

For lunch, on Tuesday we had apple butter bread and sliced apples. Other ends of the spectrum Travis grilled same steaks from the pasture-raised cow we bought the end of last summer. The kids got some steak bites and I ate steak bites over cauliflower rice.

For dinner, on Tuesday night I batch cooked 4 pans of Chicken Bacon Mozzarella. It was an easy low carb bake pulling together with ingredients I had on hand. I only had one cup of sour cream available and needed 4 cups. I improvised and used 3 cups of ranch dressing and let me tell ya, it was great!

One pan of the low carb Chicken Bacon Mozzarella Bake was for dinner Tuesday night. I baked the 2nd pan so the family could easily have it the next day (my one dedicated work day). I labeled and put the other two pans in the freezer for upcoming easy freezer meals.

On Wednesday morning, even though it was my one weekly work day, I woke up and felt like baking (does that ever happen to you too?). I looked through the pantry and found most of what was needed to do some batch cooking oatmeal blueberry muffins. We made 48 muffins in my two super mega 24 muffin baking pans.

The Story I Shouldn’t Tell

You might want to cover your eyes for the next few paragraphs. 🙂

And then the saddest thing happened that should never happen in the middle of a pantry challenge, or life in general. My husband took the kids out to piano, errands, and to run into Walmart. He had 7 of the 8 kids with him. Six of the 7 kids started throwing up in the Walmart parking lot! Poor dad duty, sigh.

Meanwhile, at home, I was working and being super productive. I just got off a conference call when I started feeling sick as well. When my husband got home I walked out to check on him and the kids to find them hosing out the van. Thank goodness for vinyl flooring and no van carpet!

We proceeded to have a 24 hour stomach bug. We haven’t had a stomach bug in over two years. Even though the worst was over within 24 hours we were really wiped out for two days or so physically.

Back to Normal

By Friday the kids were requesting everything from sweet potatoes to deviled eggs. I put sweet potatoes in the slow cooker (4 hours on low) and boiled up two dozen eggs.

Saturday I didn’t film much of our pantry challenge and honestly can’t remember now what we ate. We took the day to do a few hours of deep house cleaning to try to pull our lives back together after being sick.

At some point during the day, my husband brought the mail home and I got my over 100k YouTube subscriber awards – woot! We discussed going out to Dairy Queen for Blizzards for our little YouTube celebration but opted to send Trav to pick up a few pizzas and ice cream at Walmart instead for our Saturday night treat. We could eat pizzas and ice cream from Walmart for less than what Blizzards for all ten of us would have cost.

Saturday night bedtime came pretty quick and we decided to be not fun parents and hold off on the ice cream until after church the next day.

But Then What Happened

It would’ve been nice to have gone to church on Sunday and come home to our YouTube celebration ice cream par-tay. Instead however our new to us van broke down on the way home. Our oldest son had to come to save us. He took me and a few of the kids back home in his little car. Then I had to come back out in our 7 passenger vehicle to rescue my husband and the rest of the kids (#largefamilyproblems, ha!).

Needless to say, getting home from church was quite the workout! When we did get home we STARTED with our YouTube celebration ice cream party and opened our YouTube silver play button – yay!

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So I got this lovely thing in the mail from @youtube a few days ago. We were down with a stomach bug when it arrived, so it took a few extra days to celebrate ? . It seems appropriate for me to take a few THANK YOU TO MY VIEWERS pictures in the kitchen in my stocking feet ?. I was a burned out blogger when I starting playing around with #YouTube in 2014. I thought I’d sit on my porch and share one encouraging #homeschoolmom talk a week and that would be it. YouTube breathed new life into me as an online creator and heart-sharing momma. Over the years I’ve learned I looooove vlogging, making videos in my kitchen whipping up a bazillion #freezermeals, doing mega #Largefamily #groceryshopping, sharing glimpses of our #homeschooldays, and just chatting up stuff on my porch. Thank you for showing up for my videos, encouraging ME in the comments, and being as much of a friend to me that so many of you have shared I am to you. ????? I’m cooking up a big giveaway for later this week. Like Oprah, but in a #largefamilymom budgeted sorta way ?, I’m going to giveaway some of my favorite kitchen things!! Look for that giveaway soon. ??? #youtubemom #youtubesilverplaybutton #youtuber

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You’ll see soon in week three of the pantry challenge we get most of the freezers deeply cleaned out and find lots of room in the pantry. Stay tuned for more on our pantry challenge! Also, things worked out with our van. We’ve put over 20K miles on it in less than a year. It turns out it needed a new alternator. Through this break down we found a local garage that works on RVs and so, in turn, they can work on our mega large family van, too! Travis loves to work on vehicles but based have the shop space or lift to work on a vehicle the size of our van.


Last but not least I’m doing my own little Oprah version here of giving away my favorite large family cooking things! However, this is budgeted large family mom style, lol! You can go here to my Instagram to enter to win some of my favorite large family kitchen goodies that help me feed my people. xoxo

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Hi ?? there, it’s me and my muffins ?. I shared last week to celebrate ? my #YouTube #SilverPlayButton I was going to do a “Jamerrill Version” of Oprah‘s favorite things giveaway, but of course mine would be budgeted and #largefamilymom style ? . Here is the Jamerrill’s Favorite #LargeFamilyCooking giveaway as promised! THIS POST will be updated with the winners and you’ll be messaged by me on Instagram on 4/4/19! Items include an 8 qt #InstantPot, 14 qt #GoWise #PressureCooker, my faaaaaavorite oh so good 30 qt mixing bowl, 8 qt #slowcooker, 22 qt #stockpot, those cool #freezermeals bag holders, and more pictured! 1️⃣LIKE this photo ❤️ 2️⃣FOLLOW this account @jamerrillstewart ?? 3️⃣TAG YOUR FRIENDS who need #kitchengadgets in individual comments, please. Tag as many friends as you would like! ???? Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm 4/3/19. This giveaway is not associated with Instagram or any of the brands listed. Must be 18 yrs old to enter. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #megamotherhood #largefamilytable #bigfamily #largefamily #homeschoolfamily #homeschoolmom #momlife #youtubemom #cooking #homemadefood

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