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I’m so glad you found me here. I help mommas live their best lives for God’s Glory! I’m a Jesus loving wife to one (married 23+ years) and long-time homeschool mom to 9. I only know MEGA and LOTS. Here I share all about easy home cooking for a house full, homeschooling, and motherhood for God’s glory.


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BIG Freezer Meals Prep Day for LOTS of Large Family Freezer Cooking!

Freezer Meals Prep Day

In April I did a big freezer meals prep day with a day-long large family freezer cooking marathon. As you’ll see in a few days with my next freezer cooking post this was the only fully dedicated freezer cooking day I could complete. The rest of my April freezer meals were completed in little freezer cooking sessions here and there spread over several days. We do the best with what we have, right?

But let’s chat about my BIG freezer meals prep day! On this day I was able to gently get going in the morning and before I knew it I had complete several hours worth of freezer meals prep before I started actually filming.

In the morning I got 18 lbs of ground beef cooked in the roaster oven. I cooked another 12 lbs of ground beef in the electric pressure cooker. I also used my 8 quart Instant Pot to complete a total of 12 lbs of shredded boneless/skinless chicken breast (I cooked 6 lbs of frozen chicken breast twice). I also cooked 10 additional lbs of frozen chicken all at once in my oh so lovely 14 quart Go Wise electric pressure cooker.  Here are my MUST HAVE supplies for large family freezer cooking!

Must Have Large Family Freezer Meal Supplies

Meanwhile, Zion (14-year-old son arm muscle power ūüôā ) washed up and prepped 40 lbs of baking potatoes. He filled to overflowing my favorite 30-quart mixing bowl. I poked holes in all the potatoes and rolled them in a little Olive Oil. Then three pans at a time I worked through baking them all in the oven. Just a tip: you can cook potatoes in the electric pressure cooker or roaster oven as well (you can also do homemade mashed potatoes for the freezer). Since I had those tied up I decided to bake potatoes the old-fashioned¬†way.

On this BIG freezer meals prep day I also cooked 10 lbs of elbow macaroni¬†for an upcoming recipe and I made a huge pressure cooker full of homemade pasta sauce. With the pressure cooker pasta sauce, I made 5 9×11 pans of Double Layer Chicken Parmesan Bake!

And last but not least I made over 120 English Muffin Pepperoni Pizzas. These are so great and a perfect freezer meal to have in the freezer when you get in the homeschool lunch rut! I also served these as an easy dinner on this big freezer meals prep day.


Once everything was cleaned up around 11 pm I called it a day. Later this week I’ll share all the large family freezer meals I made that served our family for 6 to 8 weeks! A helpful aspect of my slowness in publishing these posts is I can tell you how the meals worked out for our family of ten.

I had planned for my April freezer meals to be peppered over 4 to 6 weeks using them 3 to 4 nights a week. On the other nights, I did Instant Pot meals¬†or my husband made what I call “Dad dinners,” (he’s really great at doing steak or other meat and veggies!). We also usually had a leftover night. I’m happy to report that’s how things went! We actually, 8 weeks later, still have about 4 meals plus the freezer pizza dough in our freezer. We’ll pull out the freezer pizza dough this weekend and get that taken care of, no problem!

This picture is a glimpse of my freezer meals prep day. I need more counter space! I’m so thankful for the space I have though.


Click here to watch my vlog BIG FREEZER MEALS PREP DAY! Large Family of 10 on YouTube.


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