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Large Family Freezer Cooking

Of course, here we are in April and I’m just now publishing and sharing my two 20 hour total large family freezer cooking days from the middle of February. The good news is, I can now report to you how these big family freezer meals played out!


We peppered these freezer meals and freezer meal helps over the last 6 weeks. We didn’t eat freezer meals every night like these Mega Freezer Meals I did before having baby Benjamin last summer. Or these 100+ Postpartum Freezer Meals we lived off of right after having the baby. These days we end up having freezer meals about 3-4 times a week for dinner. We used the freezer meal breakfasts, bread, muffins, and lunch items as needed, too. And even after 6-weeks, there are just a few freezer meals and side dish items left (2 BBQ Meat Loaves, 1 pack of Blueberry Pancakes, and a few bags of cornbread).

Freezer Meals are so convenient for my dedicated work at home mom days when Travis runs the house and homeschools. Meals from the freezer are also perfect for days we’re running in and out to go bowling with friends, heading to archery lessons, church functions or homeschool group day (or when I just want to sit reading longer to the kiddos instead of working in the kitchen #amen). 

On the other 3-4 nights a week when we’re not using freezer meals, I cook Instant Pot dinners such as White Chicken Chili with Corn on the Cob, or Travis makes dinner for us. Like all things we tag team and make it all work.

And YAY! That’s about all I can say when it comes to these 2 recent days of freezer cooking. I suppose an appropriate title for this could also be, “All this food and a partridge in a pear tree” because these freezer cooking sessions were a lot like that song; it just kept going and going. I began day one of this freezer cooking session the way I always do – with a plan. An ambitious plan. But then I am always ambitious, aren’t I?

Day One Large Family Freezer Cooking Day


On day one I ended up making 30 large family freezer meals plus some extra items in 10 hours. That included my prep time, clean up time, real life breaks and nursing the baby times. That’s the all in hour count.

Here for the 30 large family freezer meals I did in 10 hours! You’ll find everything from freezer meatballs, french toast, baked spaghetti, and many more. Plus there’s also a new large family freezer cooking vlog that shares this day.

Day Two Freezer Meals for Large Families

Then on freezer cooking day two, I make these 27+ big family meals in another 10 hours. This includes breakfast items such as whole wheat biscuits for the freezer, dinners such as shepherds pie and sausage fried rice, and some extras just to stock in the freezer like cookie dough and more.

Large Family Meal Plans

Since I’ve shared these favorite monthly large family meal plans and weekly large family meal plans over the years, many readers and YouTube viewers have asked me for more. I’ve had some trouble wrapping my mind around how to develop new large family recipes, make large family freezer meals, and share with you what I’m feeding my family of ten.

What I’ve decided to do is start sharing with you the actual large family meal plans I’m feeding my family either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly again. They’ll run about a week behind or so from when we’re actually shoving the food in our faces so I can share with you new recipes and let you know how things worked out!

Here’s my latest large family meal plan that features 7 breakfast, lunches, and dinners – plus my extra large family meal planning thoughts and tips for the week!

And that’s a wrap, friends! I hope you enjoy these new freezer meal recipes that I shared over my two latest freezer cooking days. Be sure to let me know if you try any of them. xoxo ~

Plan Your Own Large Family Freezer Cooking Days!

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