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$118.01 Large Family Aldi Grocery Haul + Meal Plan for the Week | 5/23/16

$118.01 Large Family Aldi Grocery Haul + Meal Plan for the Week

$118.01 Large Family Aldi Grocery Haul + Meal Plan for the Week

 $118.01 Large Family Aldi Grocery Haul + Meal Plan for the Week

Large Family Grocery Haul

Guess what? Jamerrill is here chatting about food, yet again 🙂  It’s just such a big part of everyday life, isn’t it? You can go right to this week’s new video $118.01 Large Family Aldi Grocery Haul + Meal Plan for the Week!

This is actually my cheapest dollar amount spent at Aldi over the past three weeks. You can catch up on my $150 Aldi Haul and One Week Meal Plan here and my Family of Nine $165 Aldi haul and Dinner Ideas here. Honestly this week I could’ve spent more. However, with several family events coming up in a few days, I figured I’d just lightly plan and leave us some flexibility for “come what may,” a little later in the week.

BIG Aldi Savings this Week

There were several deals that really caught my eye this week at Aldi.    

Aldi 75 bread

Like the fact that a lot of the bread was marked down to $.50-$.75 a loaf. Hello!

pineapple sale  Pineapple was marked down from $1.99 to $1.29 each.   

Aldi Eggs Eggs were only $0.59/dozen!    

My $118.01 Aldi Shopping Haul

  • Eggs – $0.59/Dozen x10
  • OJ – $1.69 x1 (see our funny OJ incident here)
  • Skim Milk – $1.83/gallon x4 (drinking up a few extra will still have)
  • Peaches – $0.30/each x15
  • Bananas – $0.44/LB x 21 lbs (I know that sounds crazy! I just added up the lbs from my receipt, ha, ha!)
  • Pineapple – $1.29 x2
  • Baby Carrots – $0.89 x2 bags
  • Red Apples – $3.99/3LB bag x2
  • Mushrooms – $1.29/pack x2
  • Frozen Broccoli – $1.19/bag x3
  • Italian Salad Dressing – $0.89 x2 
  • Ground Beef – $11.81 for 4.92 lbs
  • Pork Loin – $9.60
  • Chicken Breasts – $5.75
  • Whole Wheat Bread – $0.50 x4
  • Split Top Wheat Bread – $0.75 x4
  • Whole Wheat Thins Spaghetti – $0.89 x6
  • Quick Oats – $2.39 x1
  • Whole Wheat Flour – $2.79 x1
  • Cream Cheese – $1.29/block x1
  • Lunchables – $2.39 x2 (Gabriel and Liam’s lunch for shopping with mommy)
  • Choc Chip Muffins – $2.89/4pack x1 (not shown in the haul because we ate those quick, too!)

*non food items*

You can read in my large family grocery budget that I don’t usually include non food items in our food budget. This week I picked up a few extra things though.

Ear Cleaners $1.39/pack x2

Pot Hangers/Deck Brackets $0.99/each x4

This Week’s Large Family Meal Plan

As I’ve mentioned in my other meal planning posts my large family meal plan for my family for this week is based on this week’s Aldi grocery haul, plus additional food items I have in the pantry and refrigerators and freezers. A good friend of mine said anything left from the previous week is fair game in the meal plan, and I agree. Plus I always keep my eyes open for good deals and stock up!


Scrambled Eggs x2, Banana Bread x2,  Oatmeal/Fruit x2


Turkey Sandwiches x2 , Egg Salad Sandwiches x2 , PBJs x2 , Leftovers as available, plus fruit (peaches, apples, bananas, pineapple, cantaloupe)


Miss Amelia “helped” me make our Slow Cooker Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

  • Monday Slow Cooker Chicken Alfredo (see picture above, lol!)
  • Tuesday Slow Cooker Pork Roast (same easy recipe as my Slow Cooker Italian Chicken, just with pork), Brown Rice, Green Beans 
  • Wednesday Slow Cooker Meat Loaf, Canned Corn, Baby Carrots/Ranch Dip
  • Thursday Leftover Night OR Breakfast for Dinner 
  • Friday Eating out with Family
  • Weekend I’m actually leaving our weekend dinner options open at the moment to see how our plans firm up. I could always go for Beans/Rice/Cornbread, Large Family Style Chili, or Spaghetti. Those are standard rotating weekend meals around here. Our family/weekend plans are loose for now. Using my mom Ninja skills I’m sure I can pull something together. 😀

$118.01 Large Family Aldi Grocery Haul + Meal Plan for the Week VLOG

  Click here to watch the full $118.01 Large Family Aldi Grocery Haul + Meal Plan for the Week video!

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