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Hello friend, it’s me, Jamerrill. 

I’m so glad you found me here. I help mommas live their best lives for God’s Glory! I’m a Jesus loving wife to one (married 23+ years) and long-time homeschool mom to 9. I only know MEGA and LOTS. Here I share all about easy home cooking for a house full, homeschooling, and motherhood for God’s glory.



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Budget-Friendly Large Family Meal Plan #45 | One Week of Meals + FREE Printable Grocery List and Planning Pack

Large Family Meal Plan 45

Hello again, friend! Today, I’m giving you the Budget-Friendly Large Family Meal Plan #45 below for free. It‚Äôs the next set in my¬†meal plan series.¬†This is a full week of¬†meals for a big family.¬†This Budget-Friendly Large Family Meal Plan #45¬†+¬†FREE Grocery List with Planning Pages for Families¬†will help¬†take the stress out of meal planning!¬†Yay! Below you will find the Budget-Friendly Large Family Meal Plan #45 all planned out for you including the recipe links, plus, you can grab a¬†FREE printable grocery list and planning pack¬†that matches the meal plan. The grocery list and planning pack are a time-saver as well!

Each week I serve up a fresh big meal plan with seven nights of dinners for a large family. PLUS, because I *only know mega & lots,* each large family meal plan will guide you through making a little extra to help fill your freezer with delicious meals, yay! You’ll also want to grab all my other weekly meal plans, too!

Budget-Friendly Large Family Meal Plan #45

This Budget-Friendly Large Family Meal Plan #45 + grocery list printables includes recipes such as the Easy Stromboli, Southwestern Casserole, Low Carb Crab or Tuna Casserole, Spicy Chicken Alfredo, and more quick and easy meals! Plus a few kid-friendly snacks and simple breakfast ideas, too!


If you are a large family you may find you’ll get 7 Large family dinners, plus some extra meals prepped ahead. If you are heading up a smaller family you will have plenty of leftovers for lunches and lots of extra to build your freezer stash. Don’t forget to sign up for the Free Grocery List Printables set to match this HERE!

Budget-Friendly Large Family Meal Plan #45+ Free Clickable Planning Pack and Grocery List for a Week

Each week I give you a¬†FREE COMPLETE Downloadable Meal Plan with a detailed GROCERY LIST.¬†Just¬†SIGN UP HERE FOR THE Fast and Fresh Meal Plan 45 for a Large Family!¬†You‚Äôll receive a thought-out grocery list to guide you through buying everything on this week‚Äôs large family meal plan, plus bonus meal planning pages ‚Äď yay!

Budget-Friendly Large Family Meal Plan #45

If you plan ahead, you can do some big batch cooking to add some meals to your freezer for later. Serve up these delicious recipes at your own Large Family Table. Check out this post if you would like to know my Must Have Large Family Freezer Meal Supplies.


More Large Family Meal Plans

We have a mega-ton of large family meal plans for you! I‚Äôve listed the most recent five here, but be sure to grab the rest of the large family meal plans.

Budget-Friendly Large Family Meal Plan #45

Monday- Large Family Easy Stromboli 

Enjoy this pizza-like dough stuffed with different ingredients, including mozzarella cheese, meat, and sauce.

Easy Stromboli for Budget-Friendly Large Family Meal Plan #45

Tuesday- Freezer Friendly Southwestern Casserole

Use simple ingredients to prepare your ground beef and pasta before adding them to a casserole dish with other ingredients, including green chiles and diced tomatoes.

Large Family Southwestern Casserole

Wednesday – Large Family Sausage and Apples English Muffin Strata

This make-ahead meal contains sweet and savory ingredients like fruit, flavorful sausage, and various other tasty items, all of which taste well when paired together.

Thursday- Big Family Low Carb Crab or Tuna Casserole

Prepare a low-carb meal containing fish instead of chicken or ground beef. Flavorful ingredients provide you with a cheesy, wholesome meal while still maintaining a Keto, THM-S, or low-carb diet.

Large Family Low Carb Crab or Tuna Casserole

Friday –  Large Family Spicy Chicken Alfredo

Enjoy a spicy twist on this classic dish. You’ll love the flavors in this easy-to-make dish.

Saturday – Denver Omelet

This tasty omelet contains pieces of ham, cheese, eggs, and green peppers on a sheet pan.

Sunday –Big Family Low Carb Chile Relleno

You can stick with the keto diet while enjoying the fresh and wholesome taste of this meal. It’s a cheesy, meaty dish that everyone in the household can enjoy.

Low Carb Chile Relleno Casserole

Bonus Breakfast Recipe Idea: Loaded Breakfast Burritos

Bonus Snack Recipe Idea: Low Carb Peanut Butter Fudge

Large Family Meal Planning

Making a meal plan is a great way to make sure you‚Äôre eating at home and with only a small amount of extra effort, you can also add food to your freezer to make later meals more convenient. For more meal planning ideas, check out Large Family Meal Planning

Budget-Friendly Large Family Meal Plan #45+ FREE Clickable Planning Pack and Grocery List

Large Family Meal Plan 45

SIGN UP NOW to receive the free grocery list and planning pack for week 45 that goes with this meal plan! You’ll have everything you’ll need to shop delivered right to your inbox including a detailed grocery list, meal planning pages, and more!

Struggles happen. Life can be hard. & then you have to feed all these people.

Let me help you feed your family well and sanely.

I share simple strategies for grocery shopping savings, doable meal planning, stress-free cooking, & serving large family style meals.

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