Large Family Meal Plan of the Week! Homemade Egg Salad, Fresh Fruit, More!

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Large Family Meal Plan of the Week

large family meal plan - large family meals of the week

I love sharing large family meal plans here on LargeFamilyTable.com and on YouTube. Of course, my most popular large family meal plan of all time is when I shared this large family meal plan for the entire month!

Large Family Meal Planning

I’ve recently started a new series on YouTube where I’m sharing what I fed my large family of ten last week (you can watch last week’s large family meal plan #1 here). It doesn’t share what I’d planned to feed us. This large family meals of the week shares how our meals actually worked out.

I always have a meal plan for the week or the entire month in advance that I operate with each day. However, if you live real life you know that meal plans (just like budgets) need to be flexible and account for the unexpected. I thought you might enjoy seeing what we actually eat and how I manage to feed a large family of ten with babies, toddlers, middle kids, big kids, teens, and adults!

Large Family Meals of the Week #2 | Smoothies, Egg Salad, Chicken, More!

You can click here to watch Large Family Meals of the Week #2 | Smoothies, Egg Salad, Chicken, More! on YouTube and see our large family freezer meals, fresh fruit and veggies, and even cheat and treat meals in action. And you have to tell me you love my new black lace dress shirt for church (I wore it with a tan dress jacket) that I snagged at the thrift store for only $3!

large family freezer meals collection

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Feeding a Large Family

Here are the 24 meals and snacks I fed my large family last week. I actually covered 8 days worth of meals in this last video. I hope you can use this as a large family meal plan to help you feed your people!

I shared that I love to have a bunch of large family breakfast freezer meals about but this week we were out. I really need to get in another large family freezer cooking day for breakfasts.


We went to church and had a family visit in the afternoon on this day.

Breakfast – DIY Breakfast of fruit/yogurt for kids. Travis and I each had two eggs.

Lunch – Family over after church to visit. I served 10 lbs of steamed broccoli and one 10×16 pan of this stuffed shells freezer meal. I made Travis and I these low carb Keto meatballs from the freezer and added some sauce and mozzarella.

Dinner – We had a combo late lunch/early dinner while visiting with family on Sunday. I went ahead and cooked a Peppered Beef Roast for the coming week for Travis and I to have for a few lunches and dinners.

Extra Snacks – Lots of bananas and yogurt for the kids when snacks are needed.


We had a wonderful fellowship day with friends on this day. We missed Taekwondo on this evening to visit late with guests. 

Breakfast – Bacon & Cheese Omelets for Travis and I. The kids had another DIY Breakfast of fruit/yogurt.

Lunch – The kid’s had freezer burritos, fruit, and yogurt. Travis and I had the Peppered Beef Roast I cooked in the Instant Pot the night before.

DinnerFried Rice Freezer Meal on this evening. Again, Travis and I had the Peppered Beef Roast that was meal prepped in advance plus we all had a big salad.

Extra Snacks – Bananas and apples


On this day we went to a homeschool art class where the kid’s made these beautiful decoupage mason jar fall-themed candle holders! 5 of the kids also had dance class in the afternoon. 

Breakfast – Homemade Oatmeal with toppings such as raisins and applesauce.

Lunch – Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches, Apples (both red and green), and yellow raisins.

DinnerSpicy Buffalo Chicken Wraps I used Romain Lettuce for these.

Extra Snacks – Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread (I found some in the freezer – yay!)


This was my one dedicated work day for the week. The kid’s had a homeschool with daddy day.

Breakfast – Homemade Smoothies, fruit choices (grapes, strawberries, pears), and hard-boiled eggs.

Lunch – Homemade Eggsalad and fruit.

Dinner – Leftover night!

Extra Snacks – Fruit and cheese sticks.


On this day we had a nice homeschool day at home and had Taekwondo in the evening. Even though we live super rural we’ve been blessed to find not only dance lessons 15 minutes away, but now Taekwondo only 25 minutes away. We’re taking advantage of these evening sports this year since our seasons in Virginia went from summer to winter 🙂

Breakfast – Leftover oatmeal

Lunch – Homemade Eggsalad, strawberries and grapes

Dinner – Big “super salads” as I call them. I set out all the salad fixings and everyone gets their special requests on their salad plates. I also pack on lots of protein!

Extra Snacks – Pears and Cheese sticks


In that late afternoon on this day Amelia had a “mommy time out” and went shopping with me. 

Breakfast – Leftover oatmeal (yes, I’ll keep serving that oatmeal until it’s gone, ha!)

Lunch – Big Super Salads

Dinner – Amelia & I had Chick Fila out. Everyone at home at Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes freezer meal.

Extra Snacks – Cheese sticks and fruit


In the morning we went to the bank and the library. This was also the day we made these homemade pumpkin pies that are also freezer friendly!

Breakfast – Discount smoothies and yogurt (I had gone to Sharp Shopper grocery outlet the night before with Amelia.)

Lunch – Leftover Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes freezer meal from the night before and salad.

Dinner – Leftover Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes freezer meal from the night before and salad.

Extra Snacks – Discount smoothies and yogurt

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freezer meals bundle


On this day Travis and the teens were still out of town. I took the 5 younger kids to church and Walmart for some birthday shopping for daddy. We watched movies and snuggled in the afternoon.

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs cooked by 7-year-old Liam and apple slices

Lunch – Turkey & Cheese sandwiches and homemade pumpkin pie

Dinner – Quick no-brainer spaghetti with spaghetti squash cooked in the Instant Pot

Extra Snacks – Pumpkin pie! 🙂 ‘Tis the season!

Meal Planning for Large Families

I hope you found this week of meals for large families helpful as you plan your family’s meals. Here are additional large family meal plans and planning helps for you.

Here are more large family meal planning resources!

And don’t forget to snag your discounted Large Family Freezer Meals Collection! We use freezer meals every day at our house. I think you’ll find freezer meals a blessing at your house, too. xoxo

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